Recent Event: The Role of the Ocean on Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

On October 8th, ocean industry leaders, academics, and UN officials spoke with us on topics such as the role of oceans in carbon sequestration, ocean acidification, geoengineering, marine pollution, and sea-level rise. 

"Once again, a high-level activity which speaks highly of NGO Sustainability and its organizational capabilities and constant encouragement of stakeholders...The very valuable presentations will make up a comprehensive compendium of knowledge on the Role of Oceans in our times." -  Ambassador Rodrigo A. Carazo, Permanent Representative of Costa Rica to the United Nations

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Board Members


Roma Stibravy


Former United Nations Consultant, Civil Society Entrepreneur.


Maritza Struyvenberg

Second Vice President

Former United Nations Principal Registrar, Office of Administration of Justice.


H.E. Dr. Mohamed Al-Hassan

Board Member

Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Oman to the United Nations. 

H.E. Koki Muli Grignon

Board Member

Former Ambassador of Kenya to the United Nations.


Eric Chan

Board Member

Chief Executive Officer of ECCO Design.

Henry Tibensky

Board Member

President and Founder, Henry Leo Group, LLC

Duane Nelson

Board Member

President, EnviroLeach Technologies Inc. 


Harriet Schmidt

First Vice President

Former Director, United Nations Office of the High Representative (OHRLLS); Acting Treasurer.


H.E. Rodrigo A. Carazo

Board Member

Ambassador of Costa Rica to the United Nations. 


H.E. Michal Mlynar

Board Member

Ambassador of Slovakia to the United Nations.


Dr. Lawrence Bridwell

Board Member

Professor of International Business at Pace University.


Ariel X. Burt

Board Member

Managing Director, CAERO.

Jesse Pichel

Board Member

Managing Director, Investment Banking Team, Roth Capital Partners.


H.E. Darja Bavadaz Kuret

Board Member

Ambassador of Slovenia to the United Nations.

Corporate Sponsors


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Corporate Liason

ROTH Capital

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Honorary Board Members


Prof. Michael Gerrard

Honorary Board Member

Director, Sabin Center for Climate Change Law, Columbia Law School, Chair, Faculty, Columbia's Earth Institute.


H.E. Palitha Kohona

Honorary Board Member

Former Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the United Nations.

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H.E. Frantisek Ruzika

Honorary Board Member

State Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs, Slovakia.


H.E. Rohan Perera

Honorary Board Member

Former Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the United Nations.

Special Advisors


Dr. Amoor Laaribi

Special Advisor

U.N. SDG's; Former Coordinator, U.N. Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management.

Dr. David Goldberg

Special Advisor

Chairman of the Board at Lensdrop Inc, Vice President of Board of Governors for Peace Education Initiative Rwanda

Scott Sklar

Special Advisor

President, The Stella Group, Ltd., Renewable Energy.


David Sklar

Special Advisor

Founder, CEO, Zero Emissions; Developer, Star Island, Bahamas.

Karin Sham Poo

Special Advisor

Treasurer Emeritus, Former Deputy Executive Director, UNICEF.