What our Interns are up to now:

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Liana Scobie

Intern of 2010

Liana Scobie is VP of Staff and Administration at TerraCycle, a pioneering global green business eliminating the idea of waste by creating collection and recycling systems for previously non-recyclable waste, and working towards ending disposability altogether through the new platform, Loop. TerraCycle is a $30M+, 300 person company operating in over 20 countries. In her role, Liana establishes the global operating budget, monitors performance against financial goals, and manages global HR. Liana holds a B.A. in Sociology from Colorado College and Professional Certificate in Financial Analysis from NYU SCPS. Prior to joining TerraCycle, Liana worked in sustainable business and regenerative finance for several startups. 

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He Li

Intern of 2013

He Li is currently product director at TalkingData, a startup offering big data solutions. Before joining TalkingData in Shanghai, he worked at Facebook and WalmartLabs, California. 

Chelsea Vargas

Intern of 2017

Chelsea Vargas is a New York City native who is passionate about renewable energy and environmental sustainability. She graduated from the University of Rochester in December of 2015, with an engineering and art degree. After interning for NGO Sustainability in 2017, Chelsea became an AmeriCorps member where she had the opportunity to do a year of service with the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) as the Schools Outreach Associate. There she gained insight into NYC’s intricate waste management system and helped NYC schools recycle. Chelsea is currently an MPA candidate at Columbia University where she studies Environmental Science and Policy. 

Colleen McCarthy

Intern of 2018

Colleen McCarthy is a 2020 graduate from Fordham University with a BA in Environmental Studies and Communications. She interned with NGO Sustainability in the Summer of 2018, and returns when she can to help out. Colleen is primarily interested in how she can connect people to causes that matter and influence them to adopt more sustainable habits through strategic communication. She has held multiple internships in communications roles at various nonprofits, as well as for a communications agency that specializes in nonprofit clients.


Lauren King 

Intern of 2018

Lauren is currently working on EPA funded research on the harmful cyanobacteria blooms in Lake Champlain, specifically in St. Albans Bay. Cyanobacteria may be the greatest threat to water quality, human health and well being, and ecosystems, producing over 100 acute and chronic toxins, some of which are neurotoxins. This summer consists of analyzing the increases in cyanobacteria in the St. Alban's Bay area and then making connections with community outreach, human well-being, and economic implications. The research for the project consists of collecting and analyzing data about weather, temperature, and water conditions surrounding the bay, capturing fish samples to test the neurotoxins in their fatty acids, and interviewing local St. Albans Bay residents on their knowledge and participation with the issue. 


Kervelle Baird

Intern of 2019

Since graduating from the University of the Connecticut where she studied Environmental Science with a concentration in Global Change, Geoscience and GIS, she has worked in the field of chemicals and waste management at the BCRC-Caribbean providing support for the implementation of the Basel, Rotterdam, Stockholm and Minamata Conventions through research and assistance with French and Spanish informational capacity. She is also responsible for social media with a commitment to public awareness and education. She plans to continue to serve the Government of Trinidad and Tobago until 2022 as part of my scholarship agreement. After, she intends to pursue her Master's in Environmental Hazards and Risk Management at the University of Cote D'Azur in Nice, France. 


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