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Our Story

NGO Sustainability President, Roma Stibravy, created the nonprofit organization in 2007 to continue her dedication to the promotion of sustainable development/renewable energy for awareness-raising and advocacy.


Roma Stibravy has been working on economic development since her graduate school days, while also working at the Permanent Indonesian Mission to the United Nations. While living in Vienna, Austria, in the 70s, she created the International Committee for Social Welfare, Austria. Among the many socially-oriented activities were fundraising events with the leading musical, theatrical, and fashion institutions to raise funds for both local activities and for economic development programs in Africa. She was then employed by the international headquarters of Save the Children in Geneva, Switzerland, doing tree planting projects in Africa. In the early 90s, Roma started in Sustainable Development as the next step in her career as a UN representative for Solar Cooker

Roma Stibravy at the Annual Board Meeting, May 23rd, 2018

International, trying to divert wood and charcoal-burning to solar for cooking in the developing world. Ms. Stibravy worked in many parts of the United Nations in research, writing, and creating programs. Roma also helped represent the International Chamber of Commerce.


Roma earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Syracuse University and a master’s degree in United Nations Affairs at New York University. She presently resides in Norwalk, Connecticut. Roma represents Norwalk, CT on “Sustainable Fairfield County.”

Our Mission

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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are central to the work of NGO Sustainability, focusing on Affordable and Clean Energy (SDG #7) and Climate Action (SDG #13).


We represent three United Nations Economic and Social Council accredited organizations: International Solar Energy Society (ISES), Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BWCCI), and Central and North Pakistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WCCI) promoting sustainable development, renewable energy, and the advancement of women. Our main activities include hosting lectures and panel discussions at UN Headquarters in New York, promoting partnerships between UN organizations, NGOs, national governments, academia, and the private sector, posting educational materials to our constituency, and preparing studies on sustainable development with a team of interns, along with implementing small scale renewable energy projects in the developing world.

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