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NGO Sustainability is thrilled to announce our sECOND sustainable fashion guide!

Explore the guide below and check out the following:

  • Which fashion brands are doing the most for the environment?

  • The difference between sustainable, fair-trade, and other 'green' buzzwords

  • The latest in innovative eco-friendly clothing materials

  • An interview with luxury sustainable fashion designer Matea Benedetti

Download Below:

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Feature: Jason patlis


President and CEO of Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk

Because of its key location adjacent to the Long Island Sound, the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk plays an important role in both monitoring the health of the water and also educating local citizens on their impact. Their staff includes experts on conservation and animal husbandry that conduct research both in-lab and in the Sound itself. Their programs provide more information on the effects of local conservation threats such as land-based pollution and fishing bycatch and debris, as well as global threats like climate change. In addition to their scientific efforts, the Maritime Aquarium also serves as an advisor to state and federal government efforts to sustainably manage the Long Island Sound. When discussing their recent efforts, President and CEO, Jason Patlis highlighted the license they were recently awarded to start removing derelict lobster traps that have been abandoned in the Sound on the order of hundreds of thousands. However, even beyond their research programs and their coordination with government efforts, Jason most values the impact of the aquarium on the citizens.

Jason Patlis began his marine conservation career as a lawyer, fighting to protect natural resources both domestically and overseas. He’s worked at a variety of environmental organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund, the Wildlife Conservation Society and even led the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation as President and CEO for over six years. While Jason found the law to be crucial to the conservation process, he realized that he could achieve even more success galvanizing community efforts at a local level to protect the natural resources that are most vital to them. As such, he has turned to his new role as President of the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk with a mission to inspire and educate as many visitors as possible.

The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk sees nearly 500,000 visitors each year, with even larger visibility online. Studies have shown that the public trusts zoos and aquariums much more than other sectors, including the government. As a result, according to Jason, the importance of educating visitors and empowering them to promote conservation cannot be overstated. He provided a perfect metaphor, that in the battle against climate change, the aquarium is the field general of the community, and the visitors are crucial recruits to the cause. As we shift into 2021 and start to experience first-hand the negative effects of climate change, these conservation efforts are as vital as ever. When asked what each individual can do to help the cause, Jason outlined ways to reduce our carbon footprint through driving electric cars, purchasing solar energy, even something as simple as eating less red meat. In essence, each individual plays an imperative role in conservation 

Learn more about Jason's efforts at the maritime aquarium 

The Role of the Ocean in Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

Webinar for the United Nations Ocean Conference

On October 8th: NGO Sustainability, the Governments of Portugal, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and ROTH Capital Partners hosted this UN side event for UN delegates and Secretariat as well as the private sector, students, experts, and academia to harness increased momentum for the forthcoming UN ocean conference and further awareness on "The Role of the Ocean in Climate Change and Sea Level Rise."

Panel Discussion: carbon absorption, ocean acidification, sea-level rise, marine and plastic pollution, geoengineering, etc. 

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