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Students of Staples High School Initiative

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Three students at Staples High School in Westport, CT have worked with us and Sustainable Westport to make composting easy for Westport residents.

Sustainable Westport has launched an initiative that allows Westport residents to drop off their food scraps at the local transfer station separately from trash and recycling, from which the scraps will be composted at an industrial facility. Our students are offering a food scraps pickup service to make composting food waste just as easy as garbage or recycling. This has the potential to greatly impact Westport’s carbon footprint, as all of the town’s garbage is incinerated in waste-to-energy facilities. Since food waste tends to be wet, it does not burn well, and actually hinders the efficiency of these facilities while producing more carbon emissions. Also, according to the EPA, about 20% of trash is food waste. Therefore, by allowing all residents to compost easily, our students are paving the way for Westport to turn 20% of its trash, which would otherwise be burned, into compost, a valuable agricultural resource. See the flyers below for more information.

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