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2024 Annual Meeting

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 NGO Sustainability held its Annual Meeting at the offices of Lowenstein Sandler on June 12, 2024 with corporate sponsor Roth MKM Capital in New York City. Members of our Board of Advisors, our interns, associates of Roth Capital, members of the law firm, and members of NGO were in attendance. Opening remarks were made by Roma Stibravy, the President of NGO Sustainability. She alluded to a report by the World Meteorological Organization on the prospect of the continued warming of the planet, which can only be alleviated through the use of renewable energy. We then heard from Sagar Sheth, CEO of Roth MKM Capital, who spoke on the work that Roth MKM is a part of in the renewable energy transition. We heard from the following speakers.

Dr. Lin Peng, Professor of Finance at Baruch College CUNY presented her research in ESG promotion and payment structure in the corporate world. She proposed through her research to incentivize CEOs to focus company growth in ESG investing by linking their bonuses to growth goals. Through this, CEOs are more willing to invest and develop in the sustainability field because they receive higher bonuses when ESG goals are achieved.

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Our second speaker was Craig Irwin, a Clean Investment partner at Roth MKM Capital. His presentation explored the expansion of EVs in the US market and future projections based on changing technologies, as well as the impacts that domestic subsidies and policies have had. He also outlined top competitors in the market and discussed how they are projected to change with rising competition from EV producers in China.

Our last speaker was Rory Riggs from CIBUS International, who discussed the work in biotechnology his company is doing that is leading the way in agriculture. He presented research on genetic modification of seeds and crops to be more pesticide resistant and adjusted for future agricultural processes.


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