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You’re already involved! We’re all involved in sustainability issues, it’s really a matter of being proactive or waiting to see what happens. Since you’re here, you’re probably more interested in being proactive and we’d like to help you do just that.

There are a number of ways you can get more involved today to help ensure a more sustainable future. You can become a member of NGO Sustainability. This is a great way to stay informed of what is happening on the global level. After all, what you do in your backyard is important, and what we are doing collectively impacts all of us.

You can also donate funds to support our operations. NGO Sustainability uses funds to host meetings at the UN, and to help partners in their own countries implement meaningful, community-led projects.

To become a member of NGO Sustainability, please choose your preferred membership option and click the Donate PayPal button below OR send a personal check to: 304 Silver Creek Ln, Norwalk, CT 06850

*NGO Sustainability, Inc is a registered 501(c)3 corporation.

Membership / Corporate Sponsorship

Private Sector Membership: $1,000 USD – yearly

NGO, Non-Profit Membership: $125 USD - yearly

Associate Membership (Graduate Students) -$50 USD – yearly

Student Membership: $25 USD – yearly

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Corporate Sponsorship 

 Corporate Sponsor: $5000+ USD

      Meetings with ambassadors,

      Your logo and name on our printed and published            materials. 

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